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What are PowaKaddy Electric Golf Trolleys?

PowaKaddy International Limited is a UK-based company that specializes in the creation of electric golf equipment including (most famously) the PowaKaddy electric golf trolley. The invention of the electric trolley is PowaKaddy’s biggest claim to fame, since becoming an easily recognized brand name and wildly successful invention in the time since it was first unveiled to the public in 1983 in order to confront the often arduous task of players having to cart clubs across a course’s terrain.

The first rendition of the PowaKaddy electric trolley was designed in order to address the exhausting work of hauling clubs around the links in either a bag by itself or in a traditional golf trolley which is essentially a shopping cart for club bags. Released in 1983 by inventor Joe Catford and business partner John Martin and produced in a small production facility in Sittingbourne in Kent, the original model (dubbed the “PowaKaddy Classic”) was unveiled to an interested public. The first PowaKaddy used the same basic principle as modern editions; a traditional golf trolley (used to carry club bags) is powered by a small electric motor, affixed to the wheels of the trolley’s chassis and significantly reducing the weight of the cart.

PowaKaddy electric golf trolleys, in their current form, have become a staple of the serious golfer’s equipment, offering a great increase in relaxation on the links and free movement around the course. Their massive success has lead to overwhelming success in the United Kingdom and Ireland, making PowaKaddy a brand name synonymous with electric golf carts and a familiar term for every active golfer.

Different Models of PowaKaddy Electric Golf Trolleys

The PowaKaddy electric golf trolley has come a long way since its inception in the early 1980’s, altering some aspects of the design form itself while also improving on every aspect of the cart to ensure a quality product for the discerning golfer.

PowaKaddy offers a number of different trolleys, both traditional and electric. The currently available models of electric trolleys are made up of the Freeway, Freeway II, Classic Legend and RoboKaddy. The Classic Legend is an updated take on PowaKaddy’s bestselling, time-proven design, the Classic, adding features from the newer Freeway models for superb performance with a traditional design basis. The RoboKaddy is the best option for the tech-minded golfer. Featuring LED diagnostic lights and a remote control system, the RoboKaddy offers a high-tech, heavily automated option. The Freeway is the current bestseller, made of lightweight, easily foldable alloy and an 18-hole rechargeable battery — a great bet for those players looking for a simple but effective electric trolley. The new 2009 model, the Freeway II, expands on this design with an added feature set including a built-in display for quick access to helpful perks like the Digital Distance Function (DDF) measuring tool and automated movement for set distances.

Each of the models also features accessories and upgrades specifically suited to the needs of any type of golfer, allowing for in-depth customization for each edition of the PowaKaddy electric trolley. Combined with a two-year warranty on every model and the trust accompanying the well-known and extremely popular brand, any type of PowaKaddy is a safe bet for the golfer interested in an electric golf trolley.

Current Products Available from PowaKaddy

PowaKaddy has continued to improve and refine their line of traditional and electric golfing equipment, keeping current with trends in both design and functionality across the board of their available sporting goods. From golf bags, accessories to GPS technology and, of course, an array of trolleys, PowaKaddy currently offers the best solution for serious golfers in need of suitable equipment.

Electric golf trolleys have drastically improved over the years and are now available in a wide range of models (such as the Freeway, Freeway II, Classic Legend and RoboKaddy) as previously mentioned but there are also a number of high-calibre, non-electric trolleys available from the company. The Twinline and Micra lines of trolleys make use of advanced design in form and material in order to provide some of the best traditional carts within the industry and both of these series can be upgraded with a number of different add-ons and accessories (including umbrella holders, various wheel types, score card holders, battery chargers, rain covers and plenty more).

There are also a number of other traditional golf products currently available via PowaKaddy. The company boasts a full line-up of high quality golf bags (in a wide array of colours and with a fantastic attention to detailed features) as well as a number of GPS solutions for advanced golfers. Skycaddie, the company that acts as the official rangefinder for the Great Britain and Ireland PGA, has partnered with PowaKaddy in this department in order to offer an assortment of GPS products for golfers interested in learning every detail of the links they play.

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